Saturday Story Prompts [2011.06.18]

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1. The problem with running for your life is that at some point you have to stop and it’s very very hard to get moving again.

2. Nicknames were the price you paid for being young, so said her Uncle Buck, but Abby didn’t mind. Even when they teased that Abby was short for Gabby, it suited her just fine– Abagail didn’t have the nice same roundness to it and besides, she hated drawing L’s.

3. “Greatness comes with time.”

“And talent,” she objected.

“Well yes, it helps, but most of it’s just patience and dumb luck.”

4. For each man that fell, two wardens rose in it’s place– thin, unnatural creatures built from scavenged bone and steel, infused with the burning hatred of the dead.

5. Somewhere in the darkness death was waiting for them… Thankfully, death snored.


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Greatness comes with time. And talent, she objected. Well yes, it helps, but most of it’s just patience and dumb luck. Saturday Story Prompt. June 18, 2011
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