Saturday Story Prompts [2011.06.11]

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1. The years had been kinder to the city that he would have thought, the twisted masses of concrete and steel still kept rough council against the skies.

2. The difference between a school and an academy depends on who’s holding the checkbook and Sir Vincent James had a very firm grip indeed. Which meant our classes, while in general were the same as any other, had a very different bent when it came to specifics. It didn’t take long before we were known as Apocalypse U.

3. “Just smile once in a while, I think– okay, don’t smile, definitely don’t smile. Are those fangs??”

4. Even the oldest members swore that the names of the founders of The 5 o’clock Society had been lost to the ravages of time, but Brian thought it the alcohol haze might be more to blame. Either way, the grand traditions those founders had passed down were treated just as venerably as if they’d come from Washington himself. Only George probably didn’t play quarters after work…

5. Falling and flying were almost the same, and she took to both as easily as she had to water.


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049 Saturday Story Prompts 2011-06-11
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