Saturday Story Prompts [2011.06.04]

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1. Rebuilding the world didn’t take nearly as long as they’d thought it would– at least as long as you defined ‘world’ by the five mile radius around their house. The electricity might be gone, but the local hardware store had plenty of tools and they had nothing but time.

2. Magic didn’t flow from the hills like water, it stretched like old rubber, stubborn until it hit the snapping point. The rest of the party quickly learned to stay out of Heather’s way– she was used to the effortless rush of the mountains, hill magic left her frustrated and cranky. Cranky mages, even if they weren’t as powerful, were still bad news.

3. “Kindness is only ever repaid in traffic tickets and spilled coffees.”

“Well that’s a great attitude,” Keri rolled her eyes as she helped Gerry sop up the mess. “I bet you’d blame the rain on him if you could.”

“He broke my umbrella, does that count?”

4. Rabbits made much better companion animals than cats, they knew all the nooks and crannies of the forest and never led you wrong when the hounds were on your tail. They might not be good at hunting, but she’d left that side of the chase behind in Elm River.

5. Money was worthless, scraps of paper that fed fires and padded shoes. The inherent flaw of printed currency was that it was only worth something if both parties agreed.


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I bet you’d blame the rain on him if you could. Saturday Story Prompt. June 4, 2011
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