One Year of the Megablog!

What Came Before

As of today, it’s been exactly one year since I started the grand insanity that was combining all of the mini-blogs into the One Blog To Rule Them All.

I wouldn’t have noticed the anniversary, since it doesn’t feel anywhere near that long, but my eye caught the old post title in the ‘Posts From this Day in Ages Past’ list. Nothing like a little nostalgia to hijack ones Muses…

The last year passed in a flash, but it’s not that shabby an accomplishment: one year is 365 days, 1,057 posts (763 imported and 294 new), 2,861+ visitors, and 7,026+ page views!

What Came To Pass

So what did I write about with those 294 new posts? In theory the numbers should all be around 52, since that would be one post a week. In reality, notsomuch.

Official Post Totals for June 23, 2010 – June 23, 2011

54 Unquiet Bones
36 Perish Twice
10 Everyday Dragons
26 View from the Molehill

Ye gods and little kittens, that’s a lot of model horses… Not to mention the Saturday Story Prompts that account for the bulk of the new Unquiet Bones posts.

So the road hasn’t been perfect (I’m still in search of a predictable posting schedule), but that’s not too bad for a blog/blogs in their baby steps. Sure, the content needs to even out a bit, but things should get better in the coming year.

What Lies Ahead

Things To Come

The goal for the next 12 months is to end up with at least 52 posts in each category, with a minimum of 26 posts (once every other week). This should bring a bit more consistency to the posting schedule, even if I do end up with a fair bit of filler posting.

I also need to get out and be more blog-social; I’m more of a lurker than a commenter and that doesn’t help me much when it comes to drawing interested readers. I’m going to try and find at least one place for each subblog that I can interact with other folks in the same niche.

Still, looking back through Google Analytics, I’m doing insanely better than I was this time last year and a good sight better than I was in January of this year. As long as I keep the upward momentum going, I should have some pretty nice numbers by the time June 2012 rolls around!

(Of course I’ll be cheating a bit since my micro business will be opening in January and that’s bound to boost the numbers).


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