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That is all…

(ie. The Camp NaNoWriMo website appears to be live… all that obsessive clicking finally paid off! *grin*)

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  1. Anne Lessing Avatar
    Anne Lessing

    Thanks so much for the announcement! I was poking around for info on the site when I found this post. (The official site doesn’t show up in Google search yet–we’re probably some of the first people to sign up! :D) I’ll stay up until midnight to start writing as soon as I can!

    Although I am working on a novel in progress…I guess that makes me a Camp NaNo Rebel. ;D

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      I’ve been rather obsessively refreshing ever since I verified that The Office of Letters and Light owned the domain name. *sheepish grin* I was so happy to see that it was up! 😀

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