Camp NaNoWriMo – 38 hours and counting

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Foxhawk scale sketch

It’s The Day Before The Day Before Camp NaNoWriMo™ and yes, I’m counting the hours now. (Amusingly the normal NaNoWriMo site starts counting down the hours to November as soon as the last NaNo ends!)

Still no word from The Powers That Be on where the website is or if it will be up prior to July 1st, but I’m going to hold out hope we’ll see some pre-Camp shenanigans.

Story Bones

I’ve gone ahead and put up the page for That Don’t Impress Me Much and sketches of the foxhawks are now lounging around the website. Nothing overly impressive, but it looks to be a fun world to play in (and doodle!)

I’ve outlined the first Act, but this is subject to the whims of the fictives. I’m still arguing with Baron over whether foxhawks are more like Companions or Dragons—I think he’s talked me over into a system akin to the Trellwolves, but we’ll see who wins out on that one…

Ye Olde Pedigree

FoxHawk Doodle
FoxHawk Doodle

Yes, TDIMM is basically a riff on the ‘local girl makes good’ stories Dragonflight and Arrows of the Queen, but it’s its own story as well. Maybelle is not Lessa nor Talia, no more than Baron is Ramoth or Rolan.

I don’t think any of them would appreciate the comparisons.

The fact that Baron wants to drag in A Companion to Wolves, which itself was a take on the whole companion animal genre, makes it all the more confusing.

All three novels have a ‘political intrigue’ bent to the plots, although Dragonflight and Companion have a heaping spoonful of ‘we’re all going to die!’ in the mix. I don’t know if it’s what I want to go with for Impress, although the temptation is there. I’m just going to let the fictives run with it and see where they go.

Who knows, maybe this will be a whole novel about bread… mmm, bread.

It’s the Story of a Story

Coat of Arms – In Progress

For the moment I’ve decided not to post the draft of the novel until the end of NaNo. Posting while writing worked out well with The Gate to Fenrith Lei (although I didn’t win), that method died a rather horrible death with Dogs of the Never Never and When Good is Dumb. (To be fair, DotNN was its own LiveJournal at the time).

Thus you will get the same sort of summaries that you got with last year’s NaNo, although this time I’ll try and keep up with them a bit better. It will be a bit spammy, but I’ve got other posts in queue to try and keep the mix more 50/50.

It should be a fun month!

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