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The Editing Chainsaw

Sharing the Link Love

Remember back in May when I said I was going to upgrade my blogroll? Well I finally got the random links widget sorted out –I’ll post on that later– so it’s time to move things around.

Thus it’s time for the Link Love sharing to begin! (ie: posts in which I pick a random blog and tell you why I think it’s something you should by reading.) (more…)

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The Editing Chainsaw

And Together, They Fight Spam!


I blame the title on the They Fight Crime entry over at TV Tropes, but it’s sadly appropriate.

I’ve been battling rising spam comments for a while now. I switched over to using Askimet in April and it’s already blocked 4,387 comments from coming through… but that’s four thousand some odd comments that I’ve had to check and delete (in case something ‘real’ got caught up by mistake).

So I’ve taken another tact and added SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam into the mix. I’m not happy about having to add a captcha, but the spam is getting crazy. (more…)

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Copper Kid

Copper Kid

Copper Kid Make: BreyerScale: StablemateMold: Saddlebred (G2)Color: Copper Roan SabinoGallery: Fantasy SabinoMedium: AcrylicsStatus: Painted 2007 and Sold Feb 2007 I’m a little unsure if I…

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