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Things are slowly getting rolling again on The Wolves We Are, which is good because I was about to take a blowtorch to the outline. I’m apparently a pure-blooded pantser, but I was hoping I could tame my muses long enough to get a short 8-10k short story done.

This is where all that fanfic writing really should have given me the hint… (I’ll finish Hushed and White With Snow eventually, really!)

Anywho, I’ve decided to embrace my NaNo habits and just write a very rough first draft all the way through. I’m still fighting with my inner editor over various tweaks and I’m getting tired of rewriting instead of moving forward. Most likely I’ll end up cutting out a lot of the dialog, but that means lots of DVD extras for later.

Once I have the rough work done, I’ll come back and polish things to a before posting. It won’t be a perfect draft, nothing ever is, but it should be a much better end result. I just want to have this done and checked off my to do list by the end of June!
So this is my current progress report, look for more as I hack things into shape:

The Story So Far

  • Only Immortal Till You Die – 910 words, complete
  • Su Casa es Mi Casa – 802 words
  • Best of Bad Situations – 399 words
  • Old Dogs, Old Tricks – 294 words
  • Retail Warriors – rough outline
  • Too Stupid To Die – rough outline
  • Happily Ever After-ish – rough outline

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  1. strugglingwriter

    I love that you used my post as a definition for the word panster. Cheers! That made my day.

    Good luck with your writing. I’m gonna explore some more here.


    1. Martha Bechtel

      Yours was the only link I found that not only defined the art of pantsing, but also gave links for those looking to learn how to outline (c’est moi!). 🙂

      The site is a bit discombobulated at the moment, at least on the Unquiet Bones side of things. Still working out where to put everything and fixing the formatting… two journal moves in two years makes for a bit of a mess! 😛

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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