Two Cats, One Stick

Two Cats, One Stick

To be fair, it’s a stick with arms… and a level 60 stick at that.

I seem to be making a level a week at this point, so I figured now is a good time to sit down and make sure my new Cat-Cat setup is working. Leveling only gets slower as things go on (am not looking forward to Outlands), better to hash it out now since I’ve gotten all the basic abilities.

The rotation I had hashed out on Dual-Spec, Dual-Loot isn’t working as well as I’d hoped, so it’ off to beat on the training dummy for a bit. (I’d beat on the mobs, but they hit back.)

I’ve got too many green quests in my queues and I’m looking to up the ante… but first I want to make sure that my newly spec’d kitties are up to the challenge.

Stupid Stick

Starting Rotation

1 ClawClaw40
4Ferocious BiteFerocious Bite35
5Tiger’s FuryTiger’s Fury0
6Feral ChargeSkull Bash10/25
7Faerie Fire0/0

For shorter fights I can just use the 1-2-3 and then auto attack until dead (or finish them off with a 4). Longer fights take a little more forethought and a little less burning through all my energy in the first three moves…

I did find out that 6 (Feral Charge/Skull Bash) will only work if Recognition is not following Pattern. If she is, instead of Skull Bashing, she’ll just run after Pattern to the target. It takes a little bit of extra dancing, but if I do things right, I end up with instant!cat on both sides of the mob.

Longer fights really do need one cat on each side, this guarantees me at least one of them will have the ‘attacking from behind’ bonus. (Not to mention I can sneak Shred into the rotation this way when I hit 46).

Anywho, currently my opening for the larger targets is 7-6-1-2-3-5 and then just trying to keep the Rake and Mangle DoTs up. I’ve also got the chance to throw a powershift in there, just in case. I’ve tweaked it a bit to make it fit either fighting stance (cat/cat and bear/boom):

I don’t really pay attention to the combo points unless the mob is almost dead and then I’ll finish him off with a 4. Since the only finishing move I have can consume up to 70 energy it’s just not worth it. Once I pick up Rip (at 54) I’ll have to change things up a bit.

/cast [stance:1] !Bear Form; [stance:3] !Cat Form;

It seems to be working well so far, but I’m definitely going to have to throw in some OMG keybinds/macros to kick out some heals (and bearform) when needed.

Swiss Army Macro [Revised]


On a sidenote, I’ve also made a generic travel macro that I’m still testing out. Seems to work fine so far, but without flight form it’s a little hard to troubleshoot.

This one is for Pattern:

/cast [combat, stance:5] !Moonkin; [combat, stance:3] !Cat Form; [combat] !Cat Form; [swimming, nocombat] !Aquatic Form; [indoors] !Cat Form; [outdoors, flyable] !Flight Form; [outdoors] !Travel Form;

And this one’s for Recognition:

/cast [combat, stance:1] !Bear Form; [combat, stance:3] !Cat Form; [combat] !Cat Form; [swimming, nocombat] !Aquatic Form; [indoors] !Cat Form; [outdoors, flyable] !Flight Form; [outdoors] !Travel Form;

And away we go!

Long Scenery Road Grass Hills

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