Saturday Story Prompts [2011.05.28]

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1. “‘More or less’ is not an acceptable answer to ‘Is this going to explode?’”

2. “Now we shall see the truth of things!” She raised the staff into the shaft of sunlight and the prism coated k’Vlish with fractured magic.

3. “Very well,” he dismissed the charges without ever looking up from his book, “Next case.”

4. Quests were for heroes, this was more of an errand– an errand that involved dragons and knights and princesses, but not in true fairy tale fashion.

5. “Understanding comes in time,” Uulan bent to help him restack the stones, “no one expects you to be perfect.”

I do,” Ris muttered.

“You don’t count.”


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046 Saturday Story Prompts 2011-05-28
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