Saturday Story Prompts [2011.05.14]

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1. Making the best of a bad situation was ingrained, defiant hope ground down through flesh and bone until it underlay everything they did.

2. These were no false birds or fairy tale dragons, but true heirs to the Pteranodon line. He managed not to scream as they dove headfirst off the mountain, but he might possibly have made a sound during the spiraling decent as the winds skipped them back and forth across the ash-filled sky.

3. Death and taxes couldn’t hold a candle to the tide.

4. Go ask the Siren, she’d said, as if it was as simple as fetching water from the well. As if the journey wouldn’t take her across the seas and the price of the answer wouldn’t be her soul.

5. Universal translators worked with ideas, not words, and it took them a while to filter it out enough to learn each other’s names. She still thought of him as Bright Spice that Blooms in Winter and it amused her to think he did the same.


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Go ask the Siren, she'd said, as if it was as simple as fetching water from the well. Saturday Story Prompt. May 31, 2014
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