Library Fines and New Year’s Irresolutions

Dem Books

Right now I owe the library $25.40 in late fees. Which isn’t that bad, considering the books were due April 20th (fines cap out at $5.00 a book). Not quite enough to buy used copies of all the books, but close.

Part of this is due to the fact that I made a pile of the books, to make sure I knew where they were… and then promptly forgot where I put the pile. I think in the future I’m just going to go back to ‘when done, place book in car’ methodology.

The other reason I ended up running late was the fact I’ve been sitting on
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen for almost two months trying to write a book review.

Read Moar Books #004

But the library wrote me a nice ‘Return or Die’ letter and I finally set aside the time to hunt them all down. External motivation is a always a good way to squash procrastination!

I’ve given up on writing that review and I’m just going to go with ‘I never finished the book, good idea TL;DR’.

It’s not a bad book– I’ve even printed out a copy of the flowchart to use as a reference, it was just too dry and too repetitive to make it all the way through. I’d recommend that folks look it over if they are interested, but I’m going to start looking more towards 43 Folders and Lifehacker for more succinct presentations.

I plan on swinging by the library tonight and paying my dues so I can check out a book (to two). The new plan is to hit the library every Thursday night after work and swap out my weekly reading material.

In theory this will make sure I never have more books than I have time to read and that they always get back to the library on time.

In theory.

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