Penny Thoughts

Penny Thoughts

I was on a metallic horse kick for a while and this gal guy was a test to see if the copper would blend well enough with the white guesso to pull off a roan. I’d had a lot of fun making Florentine Flip, but the gold was just too opaque to work with as a spot color.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the copper since some paint mixtures produce really weird results: Yellow + Black = Green, Yellow + Green = Refuses to blend, etc.

But the nice thing about painting fantasy horses is that you never get them wrong– unless you go around pointing out the flaws, no one will ever know the horse doesn’t quite match what you had in your head!

I think this little guy turned out quite well. It’s a color I think I’m going to give another shot at once I work my way back through all of the half-finished bodies that are already in the body box.

This little gal guy was one of the many splatterpaint roans that I did and you can see by the directionality of some of the spots. I was still in the learning curve. I did this color a second time on Copper Kid and it’s interesting to see the difference in the techniques.

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Saddlebred (G2)
Color: Copper Sabino Roan
Gallery: Fantasy Sabino
Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

Penny Thoughts Penny Thoughts Penny Thoughts Penny Thoughts

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