Monday’s Child is Unwilling to Be Defined By Nursery Rhymes

Seriously, ‘fair of face’, what kind of fortune is that? Since Monday is ‘Moon’s Day’ does that mean I’m more likely to be a werewolf? It’s all so confusing… As fortunes go, I like Failure is the Breakfast of Champions better.

Anywho, annoyance at inaccurate methods of divination aside– It’s looking like it’s going to be One Of Those Weeks ™, but I’m hoping I can convince it to be One Of Those Mornings ™ instead.

Best to keep one’s battles small, eh?

Speaking of the war, we’re quickly running out of May and that means the six month check-in for my Giant New Years Resolutions List is coming nigh. Needless to say (but I’ll do it anyways) I don’t have as many of these checked off as I’d like to.

But I do have some of them checked off and that’s better than I did last year—always fail upwards!

Thankfully I do love a good deadline now and then, so I’m off to see how many of them I can complete before it’s officially June. I have seven weekdays and one weekend left and I’m holding out high hopes for a decent turnaround.

Things are getting more organized bit by bit and there is a chance that come next year I’ll be on top of these daily resolutions. Even if I’m not, I’ll have a whole list of things that I did do in 2011 and that can’t hurt to raise my chances (and spirits) heading into 2012…

Martha Bechtel

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