Everyday Bling

Everyday Bling

This little gal is yet another horse that was painted as a donation for the 2005 Hampton Roads Classic live shows! I really need to see if other live shows out there would like some door prizes– micro minis are a lot of fun to paint…

Everyday Bling

I tried to keep the paint jobs on the micros simple, since they’re so small that detail gets lost unless you’re holding them an inch away from your nose. They were going to be out on a table with the other raffle prizes and I was trying for as much contrast as I could.

The silver and copper worked out rather well and I’m tempted to try the combination on a stablemate. Maybe with some brass shadings to the copper, to keep it from looking quite so flat. Hmmm…

The Mini Whinnies really do lend themselves to fantasy paint jobs. While some of the molds are realistic enough to look good, some of them are more HSO (Horse Shaped Object) than horse. Since fantasy models are meant for the shelf and not the showing (for the most part) they can get away with the conformation errors that their realistic herdmates can’t.

Make: Breyer
Scale: Mini Whinnies
Mold: Reining Stock Mare
Color: Copper and Silver Frame Overo
Gallery: Overo
Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted August 2005 and Donated

Everyday Bling Everyday Bling

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