Daily Snippit: High/Second World Fantasy

It’s the first time she’s ever been on a field trip to meet a god and Mary was still trying to work out if she even believed in the premise.

“Oh, hey, you’re early.” The god in question was in the middle of making bread, but paused to pass the task off to his assistant bakers as soon as the class walked in. “Don’t mind the mess.” He wiped his hands on an already flour-covered apron and happily shook everyone’s hand. “Can’t believe we’re on a new class already, eh Marji? Time flies when you’re having fun!”

“Says the immortal,” the teacher grinned and stepped back to let him take over. “Just try and remember were not actually here to talk about toast.”

It was supposed to be a lecture on how godhood worked in Avenshark, but things quickly devolved into a question and answer session, with the trio of macaw hippogryph dominating the conversation. Which was more annoying than usual, considering there were two other Earth OutKingdomers in her class, both from earlier timelines than the baker.

Half-way into a discussion of yeast and inherent magic something exploded two streets over. A heartbeat after that the baker stopped being a baker and the class got a front row seat to Avenshark’s version of Shazam.

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!