Autoposting Fail: I Can Haz It


I wasn’t aware I had dropped off the face of the earth until I started moving things around for this week’s posts. (I use the plug-in WordPress Editorial Calendar to manage my posts. It’s a great way to make sure I’ve filled in the all the gaps!)

In order to keep the calendar organized, I move all draft posts a year into the future. This keeps me from misposting if I hit the wrong button and makes for easy sorting. Once posts are finalized, I fix the dates when I schedule them.

This time I fixed the month and day… and forgot to fix the year.

Which, I suppose, is what I get for not checking the blog over a three-day weekend. (Well, that and 200+ spam comments. Akismet <3!)

I’ll be posting the missing content spread out through today so that the RSS feed isn’t spammed too heavily.

Apologies all!

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