Unlocking the Archives (or: When Old Content is New Again)

Days of Yore

Reformatting the past is a pain in the bleepidty.

Believe it or not, I’m still sorting through the last 2000+ post LiveJournal import (207 left to go!). I’ve done the easy bit, deleting the memes and fan fiction and pointless posts, now I’m slogging my way through changing the tags and the categories and the formatting… and making sure there aren’t any duplicates from Unquiet Bones.

In an age (and a medium) where things 24 hours old are considered ancient history, I feel a little silly working on unlocking and uploading posts from 2005-2010. Who knows if anyone other than Google will notice the change, but the completionist in me wants to get them all lined up in neat little rows.

That and it’s fun to read through the old Daily Snippits. They aren’t winners 100% of the time, but there are plenty of good ones in the mix.

I have to say, the temptation is strong to simply move the non-date-sensitive items up to current day, just so they get read. The chances that any reader now would have read the posts from six years ago are pretty slim. It still feels like cheating though.

I suppose I can always start a weekly flash-back post that links back to the days posts of yore… Hmm.

Ah well, first I’ll get them all formatting, then I’ll find a way to catch the internet attention span and get people into the archives! *rolls up sleeves and gets to work*

Martha Bechtel

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