The Power of a PO Box

Yet another step in the planning process is complete! Abet an easy step, but one that needed doing.

After a quick trip through US Postal Service website, I now have all the information on what’s required to set-up a post office box. Soon that little metal door will be mine! MWHAHAHA!

Achem, yes, moving on…

I don’t actually need the box yet, so I’ve added a reminder on my schedule to open a USPS Post Office box on November 1st, in anticipation of starting my side-business on January 1st 2012.

For $44.00 I will get a year’s worth of security for my incoming payments and packages, the professional image that a PO Box provides for home businesses, and the knowledge that the loonies on the internet won’t know where I live.

Can I stress how important that last one is?

The world is fun of wonderful, nice, kind, caring people… and a small handful of lunatics. While the chances are remote that some sociopath will run into me online and then take it upon themselves to run into me offline, it’s not a chance worth taking.

Not when that bit of protection costs roughly four bucks a month. (And a trip to the Post Office three times a week.)

If only the rest of the things I need in place before January were this easy!