The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt!

Not The Eggs You're Looking For
Not The Eggs You’re Looking For

Once again the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt is upon us!

Well, yes, there is the in-game Noblegarden egg hunts as well (04/24 to 4/30 this year), but the blog-based hunt is something you can do from a cellphone. Unless Blizz has a magic wand, I’m pretty sure they can’t pull that one off…

For Bloggers

If you have a World of Warcraft blog and would like to hide an egg, just check out the link above for information on how to join in the fun. Basically you just hide an egg somewhere on your site in a creatively devious way and then wait for people to find it.

Egg Hunters

If you’re an egg hunter and want to be ready to rumble come 12:01AM on Easter Sunday, then check out the link for instructions and info on the prizes. Basically you run around on blogs trying to find eggs that we have deviously hidden. (Deviously! Mwaha!)

Innocent Bystanders

And if you’re a reader who is wondering why on earth there are so many Perish Twice posts showing up over the next few days… I need someplace to hide eggs! *grin*

So for those of you who are playing along, good luck with your egg hunt! For those of you who aren’t… err, sorry! Posting as normal will resume on Monday.

Important Note: The Egg will be in a post no earlier than Sunday 17 April and no later than Easter Sunday 24 April.

The Egg will have a caption that indicates it is the real egg… there will be lots and LOTS of things that are not the egg you are looking for. Clearly labeled, ‘o course!

Martha Bechtel

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