Saturday Story Prompts [2011.04.02]

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1. Sometimes he went deaf slowly, sounds fading away into gradual nothingness. Other times it was a sharp snap of silence the severed his connection to the world.

2. Peace, like war, is never a solid state; it twists and bends as the politicians fight back and forth across the long wooden tables. But out here, on the edges of the kingdoms where it comes down to imaginary lines drawn in the dirt, they’ve stopped caring. Crops still need tending, animals need feeding, and children need to be kept out of their neighbor’s orchards.

3. The aliens had wanted to be accommodating, taking human forms and features in order to put the world at ease– but the ambassadors quickly convinced them to refrain.

4. “We come in peace.” Jack was doing his best impression of a benevolent dictator while the small group behind him kept watch for any sudden movements.

“And heavily armed.” The spokesperson for the village looked unimpressed

“Sometimes peace isn’t mutual.”

5. There’s nothing quite like dying together to cement a relationship.


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“We come in peace.” “And heavily armed.” “Sometimes peace isn’t mutual.” Saturday Story Prompt. April 2, 2011
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