Herding Cats and Sorting Sand

Things to Come (+Hulu)

Setting up a posting schedule has always been a bit of a pain, even before the blogs were combined. As you can tell by the multitude of model horse posts, I’ve been having to resort to filler in order to keep up with my ‘post a day’ goal.

Now that the front page only shows the most recent post from each category, the model horse invasion isn’t as obvious… but the fact that I haven’t posted recently in some of the categories is.

So it’s time to start hashing out another posting schedule. Only this go around I’m specifying the category and the post type. I figure half the time I miss a post it’s because I can’t choose one thing to talk about.

Which means I need to hash out what post types should belong in each category and on what days they should show up. I’m still only aiming for one post a day, but the bonus goal is two have two a day (except for Thursdays and Sundays) by the end of April.


This category is a simple one, there are only three basic post types to deal with: Custom Model Horses, How-to’s, and Hobby Related (ie Ramblings).

Monday – Model Horse (Finished or In-Progress)
Friday – How-to’s, Hobby Related

Perish Twice

There are more post types here: Leveling Guide, Macros, Addons, Team Strategy, Theorycrafting, Progress Reports, Hobby/Game Related.

Tuesday – Abilities, Macros, Theorycrafting, Addons
Saturday – Strategy, Leveling, Progress, Hobby/Game Related

Everyday Dragons

There is actually a wide range of post types here, for all that the category is relative empty: Product Development, Marketing, Legal, Accounting, Business Operations, Useful Links, Progress Reports

Wednesday – Product Development, Marketing, Progress Reports
Sunday – Legal, Accounting, Business Operations

View from the Molehill

Um, yeah. I’m just going to go with ‘Randomness’ as a general category here.

Monday – Randomness
Thursday – Randomness


This one is easier since it’s all about website design and maintenance : WordPress Coding, PHP, Plugins, SEO, Design, Content, Progress Reports

Tuesday – WordPress Coding, PHP, Plugins
Friday – SEO, Design, Content, Progress Reports

Unquiet Bones

This is the one category where I’m expecting to have more than two posts a week, since I’m starting up a test serial story come April. Some of these categories won’t be assigned a day since I’m not planning on writing in them at the moment. Going forward this category will most likely expand to five posts a week (or more).

Otherwise the post types are: Saturday Story Prompts, Story Snippits, Draft Stories, Finished Short/Flash Fiction, Serial Stories, Progress Reports, Writing Process, Hobby Related.

Monday – Serial Story (Expected 8 week run)
Wednesday – Progress Reports, Writing Process, Hobby Related
Saturday – Saturday Story Prompts

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!