Five Things I Learned From March

  1. Procrastination Happens. A lot. Sometimes, even alot.
  2. Day Jobs can be a lot of fun, assuming you have the right one.
  3. Sometimes life just gets a little crowded, but that’s not the same thing as Goofing Off.
  4. Self Improvement books say the same thing over and over, but they say it in different ways. Different is sometimes useful!
  5. Invisible readers are invisible.

1. Procrastination Happens

As my now rather overdue library books can attest, the best of intentions don’t always lead to the best of results.

There has been some progress though, as the change in posting (and various chores) can attest. Things are a little more organized, a little cleaner– not really enough to claim any sort of victory, but it’s a start.

But anyone who tells you the hard part is ‘starting’ is full of bleep. It’s just as hard to keep going as it is to get started! Sure, cleaning off a desk one day will make it easier to clean it off the next (since you’ve switched from cleaning to maintenance), but things like making the bed don’t get any easier with repetition.

Aaaaand now I’m talking myself out of doing my daily 15 minutes of cleaning. So I guess I just need to embrace the fact that Procrastination Happens and keep on keeping on… eventually.

2. Day Jobs

The biggest change in March was the shift between departments at the company where I work.

The new job is in the same location with the same blissfully short commute, but with longer hours and a completely new set of coworkers. The stress level is a thousand times lower and I get to get my hands dirty in Access coding again. A win-win-win situation all’round!

Plus it’s a completely new field for me, so there’s lots to learn. (And possibly a new BS/Masters in the future if it turns out to be as fun as I think it will).

… and this is why I don’t make any assumptions about where I’m going to be in the future, much less five years. Life, she has no regard for plans ha-HA!

3. Life =/= Goofing Off

Another thing that I ran into in March was that sometimes life gets complicated, but that failing to meet my random daily goals when life is complicated isn’t the same as goofing off. Yeah, maybe there was a little procrastination in there, but most of the things I ‘failed’ at in March were for things outside of my control.

I need to learn to accept that sometimes I need to stop worrying about the little things when it’s really the big things that matter.

4. Same Song, Different Verse

I have read a lot of self-improvement books over the last few months. I’ve been putting my nose into everything from online ebooks to library kidnap-ees (I really need to return those!), and even one lone audio book.

For the most part all of the books seem to say the same things, but I’ve found it interesting that each one of them has had at least one oft-repeated point that’s stuck with me.

I’m not sure if it’s just the way the point is presented, or if there was some outside influence that made it relevant when it hadn’t previously, or if it’s just the repetition that made it finally click.

It’s made me go back and reread some of the early books, to try and find out why the idea didn’t pop the first time I hit it. Sort of like the old joke where someone only reacts to comments when it’s not a friend/family member whose speaking.

Now I just need to find more books to see what else catches on…

5. Invisible Readers

243 people stopped by the website in March, if Google Anayltics is to be believed. Of them, not a single one left a non-spam comment– which leads me to believe either I am a pretty darned popular place to visit for spammers or that the few readers I do have are lurkers extraordinaire.

Not that I’ve made much effort to start conversations with the readers, but I feel a little odd asking questions if I’m not sure there’s anyone there to answer… Which is sort of a self-fulfilling bit of silliness, I suppose.

All in all, not a bad month, but I’m looking forward to feeling a little more accomplished at the end of April. *sigh*

Martha Bechtel

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