Everyday Joe (Custom Breyer Stablemate Standardbred)

Everyday Joe

This little guy was part of a set of three (bay-chestnut-black) models that I painted in order to bulk up the Standardbred section of my gallery (Cajun Cooking and Whistling in the Dark were the other two horses).

Joe is a nice plain bay without any chrome… which is why he has nicer pictures than Cajun and Whistling. He was on and off eBay quite a few times before he found a home and I had almost given in to the urge to spice him up with a little white.

Still, it was a nice change of pace to paint a basic solid color. It’s something I really need to put some more time into, as I foray into realistic horses again. Plain bay horses are never plain unless you’re painting them wrong!

Painted 2005 and Sold Feb 2005

Medium: Acrylics, Pastels

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Martha Bechtel

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