Dual-Spec, Dual-Loot

So Feral We All
So Feral We All

Picking up a dual-spec for Pattern and Recognition has been in my Grand Plan for a while. While I think the Bear/Boomchicken strategy will serve me well for soloing dungeons, I’ve been planning on picking up a dual-Cat pair for ease of leveling (solo mobs don’t last more than a few seconds).

I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize that the level for dual-spec had been dropped from 40 to 30. (doh!) So when I went to the trainer for level 33, I jumped on the option.

Picking up a second spec may seem silly, since I’m having problems just learning the combination with the Bear and Boomchicken– but whilst leveling my skinning and mining I found that dual-cat kicks some serious tush. Even when I forgot to unequip my fishing poles after the daily. And I don’t have a set of Feral gear for Pattern. And things are several levels below me.

Ying and Yang
Ying and Yang

Several many levels.


I don’t have a Feral gear set for Pattern and I plan on still picking questing rewards based on the bear/boom builds. But since there are green drops a’plenty while leveling and I have a jewelcrafter and leatherworker… I should be fine. The annoyance of having to swap back and forth is more than made up for by the speed I can plow through the solo mobs.

Now I just have to go back and rework the action bars and the screen setups. Changing back to a single spec will really help cut down on the number of things cluttering up the screen. That and I can go back to using a single row of buttons!

Fighting the Good Fight

Autoattack will provide a lot of the damage since I won’t be able to dance around as much as a normal Cat. Nice thing about the strategy I have with two melee is that one of them always ends up behind the target. Now I just have to sort through the various abilities and build a nice Rotation of Death™.

Your Egg Is In Another Castle - Sorry
1 – ClawClaw
2 – MangleClaw
3 – RakeRake
4 – Ferocious BiteFerocious Bite
5 -Tiger’s FuryTiger’s Fury
6 – Feral ChargeSkull Bash
7 – Faerie Fire 

Mangle, Faerie Fire, Feral Charge, and Skull Bash don’t stack, so only one of the pair has it on tap. Rake does stack so that’s a nice double-bleed.

Not bad for a first draft I think, I’ll have to take it out to the hills and see how she runs!

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