Druid-Druid : Level 32

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After the measly one new ability from Level 30, you’d think Level 32 would offer up something a little more substantial. But alas, although we have twice as many new abilities, they aren’t as useful as I would have hoped.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much, level 34 doesn’t have any new abilities at all… *sigh*

To be fair, the only ability that I really miss right now is Swipe and I get that in another three levels. If I put my nose/beak to the grindstone that’s within easy reach.

Well, I do miss Flight Form as well, but considering how much of a pain it’s been to learn how to swim without breaking follow… I’m not looking forward to it.

New Abilities

There are two new abilities this time around: Bash and Track Humanoids, both of which are Feral friendly. Rather a downer for those folks who aren’t in Bear or Cat, but Feral is the general choice for leveling I’m assuming Blizz kept that in mind when they were designing the levels.



Requires Bear Form and Melee Range
Costs 10 Rage — Instant cast with 1 min cooldown
Stuns the target for 4 sec.

This is the only spell interrupt other than the charge that bear tanks have and it’s a nice addition to the line-up for Recognition. Although it’s primary use it to stop spell casting, stun stops all action by the mob. I’m thinking of macro’ing it into Mangle, just to make sure it get’s used as often as possible.

Track Humanoids
Track Humanoids

Track Humanoids

Requires Cat Form
1.5 sec cooldown
Shows the location of all nearby humanoids on the minimap. Only one type of thing can be tracked at a time.

Also Not The Egg You Want, Alas.

At the moment this isn’t very useful since I am working with a Bear and a Moonkin (Boomchicken!), but I’m planning on dual-spec’ing to Cat as soon as I can. While this is useful to be able to find or avoid mobs, it really shins as a ‘where did that named mob go?!?’ power. I used it all the time on my main to figure out where the last X of Y kills I needed were hiding out, or where the named mob was that I needed to take down.

New Glyhps

Nada, zilch, zip, none…

Other New Stuffs

Err, yeah, not a whole lot to be said for this level other than ‘one level closer to Swipe!’. I will be working Bash into the line-up for Recognition, but other than that nothing is changing. I still need to hammer out the new action bars and playing style for the pair, but as anything it’s a duct-tape-and-WD40 event.

Let’s hope practice eventually makes perfect decent!

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