Back in the Keyboard Again

Prowling the Pridelands
Prowling the Pridelands

I’m always amused by how my need/desire to play WoW comes and goes. After a few months of playing in random half-hours, I’ve actually been online the last couple of days in a row. Sure, some of it is just to get some screenshots and beta test some macros, but it’s getting my feet (fingers?) back into the shallows of a game I really enjoy.

There are some times that I think casual players have a bit of an advantage over regular players. I don’t get to see Azeroth every day and that makes each time I log in something too look forward to. Sure, I’ll never know the joys of raiding or be able to say that I did my best to experience everything that the world had to offer (so many one-time events I missed out on!), but that balances with the wealth of things I still have left to do!

I’m not an end-game player, I’m a leveling player. The draw for me is more about exploring and finding new things than it is to be the best at anything. In all honesty I could loose both of my game accounts and have to start all over from scratch… and and I wouldn’t mind.

Okay, that’s a total lie– I’d be bawling my eyes out that all that time and effort was gone, even if it is just 1’s and 0’s.

But the game wouldn’t be any less fun for me if I had to start over. Heck, you’ve seen the number of alts I have, I love starting over! There’s just so much to do in WoW that I can’t bring myself to commit to one toon, or one class, or one race, or one-anything honestly. I want to level one of everything (or two of everything, as the case may be) and see all the nooks and crannies as I go.

A Nice Pair of Not-The-Eggs-You-Need

I speed-leveled on my main and I missed a lot of the quest details and little things that the designers snuck in to see who was paying attention. This time around, I’m trying to make sure I honor their effort.

And with that bit of sappiness (and thanks to the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt) there will be a lot more posts in the Perish Twice category in the near future.

There will be leveling posts and ability posts and macro posts and UI posts and hopefully useful content for all those folks who are looking into the idea of dual-boxing. The whole point to this blog was to make sure other folks can learn from my mistakes (and research projects) and get to the Fun Bits faster than I did.

So hop on your Frostsabers, whistle up your Purple Doom Chickens, and let’s ride!

Scenic Cows and Purple Doom Chickens

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