Why I don’t Need 1,000 Notebooks

Notebooks Away!

To be fair, the stack is only 19 spiral notebooks/composition books/notepads high, but still.

Every year when the school supplies go on sale I invariably fall prey to the cheap massive piles of note-taking products that sing to me from the shelves. They are wonderful blank worlds just waiting for my ink to set them free.

In reality, they are empty, mostly empty, or full of repetitive thoughts– repetitive only because I keep forgetting where I wrote them down. It’s my own warped version of GTD and it’s time I started being a little more coherent when I put my brain to paper.

Which is one of the reasons this blog exists. Most of the things that are in these notebooks fall into one of the categories here: my home business dreams, my writing, trying to organize my life, and my model horses.

So I’m working my way through the notebooks this week and I’m going on a notebook diet going forward. There will be only one notebook that I work in at a time and I’m going to try and get everything out of my head and into the blog (even if it’s only into a draft post) at the end of each day.

I’ve been a notebook addict since I was in grade school, so this will be an interesting sea change if I can pull it off.

Martha Bechtel

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