This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Lists

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There is this theory stumbling around the universe that if you make a nice orderly list of Things That Must Be Done™ that your life will fall neatly into the habit of checking off said things.


I was tempted to put that ‘Ha’ in blinking neon red 72 point letters. Thankfully my sense of taste kicked in, but the intention was there (if not the execution).

I have made lists. And then made more lists. And then made lists of the lists, just for the hell of it. I am the reigning Queen of List-making and by all rights my house (and life) should be as perfect as perfect can be!

Most of these lists remain 99% undone and/or completely ignored.

So I read Getting Things Done, and Zen Habits, and FlyLady, and I went back and made shorter lists, better lists… and I’m still not getting things done.

Oddly, I have no problem getting things done at work. Which really only serves to frustrate me more when I get home and proceed to Fail to Get Things Done™. Taking away my desk shouldn’t result in taking away my ability to accomplish!

Thus I’m reduced to taking my list-flavored victories where I can, and stubbornly ignoring my defeats. If I’m lucky the little tiny things I’m getting right will slowly add up over time and I’ll emerge victorious… somewhere around the year 2050.

But when I go surfing for more answers, “better” answers, I find the internet is full of other people who are failing just as hard at Being Responsible Adults™, so I don’t feel so bad. We might not be perfect, but at least we can all be imperfect together.

And if I watch Hoarders, I feel even better.

And then I feel guilty for feeling better.

And then I clean my house in way of apology.

…I need to put that on my list.

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