Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity

Make/Artist: Mandi Hickman (No Artist Website)
Scale: Micro Mini
Mold: MH Copyright
Color: Dark Bay
Gallery: Realistic Bay
Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 2001 and Home Herd

This little guy has the honor of being the first micro mini I ever painted. He was also the first artist resin I ever bought (and the first micro resin too boot!) That’s a lot of firsts for someone so small, but he’s got an ego that’s more than up for the challenge.

Terminal is named after the dive he took off my painting table that broke his foreleg. The leg was fixed thanks to some super glue and he’s been perfectly sturdy ever since… Not that I’ve given him a chance for a repeat performance.

As you can see, he needs some new photos and a bit of a touch-up, but otherwise he’s survived his time in storage well. I’m trying to find the best way to display the micros and may have to turn to Blab for some help. I think LED lighting and a custom shelf might do it, but it will take some experimenting.

Terminal Velocity
Terminal Velocity

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