Rainy Day Blues (Custom Breyer Stablemate Standardbred)

Rainy Day Blues

This handsome guy started out life with the intent of becoming a ‘real’ appaloosa. Thankfully the fantasy muse mugged the reality muse and he ended up black and blue instead of black-bay and white. (Although I do still want to do a black-bay appy at some point…)

Thankfully, the light blue covers the black much better than the red did on Fragaria Glaze, so the pattern is nice and crisp. As I remember he also had a small blue star, but I apparently didn’t take any photos of his face.

He was snapped up on eBay his first time out and was part of a run of pacers that I did whilst on a ‘one of everything’ color kick. Oddly the realistic colors seemed to sell much better on this mold, not sure if it was the coat patterns or just the whims of the market.

Painted 2003 and Sold Feb 2003

Medium: Acrylics

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