[WIP] Unnamed Hanoverian Custom

Dramatic Headshot

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Hanoverian (G3)
Color: Green Bay Leopard Appaloosa
Mediums used so far: Liquitex Green Light Permanent (Coat), Liquitex Emerald Green (Coat), Liquitex Phthalocyanine Green (points)

This guy was started back last October, but is taking forever thanks to my brilliant idea to use two base colors neither of which goes on opaque. So there have been a lot of coat of green… and I’m only just now starting in on the points! (arg)

Once his base color is done and blended to the point where I want to throw all three jars of paint out the window, I’ll be going back in and added some pastels. I have this nifty set of colored pastels that worked quite well on Irish Touch and I’m raring to give them another go.

After that it’s time to cover it all up with some white! I’m going to be doing an leopard appaloosa pattern based roughly on this little gal Ava Minted Design, but with a little less white. I figure a little overkill never hurt anyone, eh? *grin*

Below are the photos of him pre-points and post-points and you can see the blending does still have a way to go. The color is a little off in both photos, so try and imagine him somewhere in-between while I try and find all the bits to my light box…

I’m hoping to get him done before the end of February, although he’s not going into the sales barn for quite some time. While I am looking to get the business going again, I’m going to be working my way veeeery slowly back into that chaos.

Schedule C’s are not my friend, so I’m going to wait until I have everything in place before I officially open the Custom-Models.com doors again!

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Unnamed Hanoverian Custom
Unnamed Hanoverian Custom
Unnamed Hanoverian Custom
Unnamed Hanoverian Custom

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