Third Times the Charm

Third Times the Charm

Make: Breyer
Scale: Traditional
Mold: Nursing Foal
Color: Bay Few Spot Blanket Appaloosa
Gallery: Realistic Appaloosa
Medium: Oils
Status: Painted 200? and Home Herd

This was technically the first horse I ever customized (if you don’t count the rocking horse I attempted to paint brown with varnish when I was five). She was a simple custom and still sports her Breyer logo, bad seams, and brown original finish coat underneath.

And she was painted in oils.

Yes, oils.

I’ll give you a moment to absorb the complete absurdity of this model, of whom I have no better photos because I can’t bring myself to put her under the lights.

But she is proof that we all start somewhere– even if that somewhere is the kind of somewhere that you spend a good deal of time trying desperately to deny ever having passed through. (At least until you get older and realize everyone has a Charm hidden away in their closets.)

Third Times the Charm

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