Saturday Story Prompts [2011.02.26]

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1. The sun breaks through the clouds in fits and stutters. It’s not enough to dry their wings and lift them from the mud, but it’s too much light to keep pretending what they’re slogging through is merely dirt and rain.

2. The first betrayal hurts the most, but after that, you settle in and learn to play the game.

3. It’s always night in Yndora.

4. “Death first!” Coupled with his trademark dramatic pose, the Hero’s battle-cry never failed to inspire terror in Evildoers everywhere.

Only this time his opponent frowned instead of fled.

“Actually, wouldn’t that be death last?” The Evil Overload pointed out. “Strictly speaking, you aren’t bound to do much else after that.” He was polite, if still irredeemably Evil.

“Well fine,” the Hero paused for a moment. “Death before dishonor then?”

“Fair enough.”

And they got back to fighting.

5. Blue was the color of oceans and skies, endless empty spaces devoid of life-that-spoke– spaces where Vemordin would never find them.


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The first betrayal hurts the most, but after that, you settle in and learn to play the game. Saturday Story Prompt. February 26, 2011
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