Saturday Story Prompts [2011.02.12]

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1. Practical Applications of Impractical Daydreams : Room 407A, Seating is Limited so all Time Travelers must apply at least two weeks after the class has been given.

2. They never think to check the in-betweens –places neither wholly this side nor the other– because the tiny pockets aren’t big enough for even the smallest of Kingdoms to take hold.

3. Never look behind you– never look and you never have to see.

4. “The world ended yesterday.”

Steven looked up at the man across from him on the bus trying to figure out what had prompted the conversation.

“See?” The man flipped the newspaper around so Steven could make out the headlines. “Didn’t even notice it myself.”

Steven shrugged, “Probably just a prank. Head Office would have told us, I’m sure.”

“Suppose we’ll find out when we try and get in.”

5. My father’s eyes were brown and mine were green– wasn’t too hard to figure out why mother had been sent home after I was hatched.


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Never look behind you-- never look and you never have to see. Saturday Story Prompt. February 12, 2011
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