Saturday Story Prompts [2011.02.05]

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1. Snip-snap went the bones, Nip-nash went the teeth, and bit by bit the Devouring Soul was eaten away by Misty Von Vine and her Amazing Technicolor Mice.

2. Magic and Alchemy are both unforgiving arts, combining the two almost guaranteed failure– something Professor Albion should have known.

3. The truth is, the internet does forget.

4. Where the tower had stood only a vast pool of molten rock remained. Slowly expanding over the centuries as the heat from the volcano channeled through Nibs enchanted hearthstone.

5. If anyone else had seen the unicorn, they weren’t admitting it. Patrick wasn’t about to go blurting it out either– preteen humans were vicious when they sensed weakness.


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If anyone else had seen the unicorn, they weren’t admitting it. Saturday Story Prompt. February 5, 2011
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