Punkin (Breyer Stablemate)


Nothing like a little glossy attitude to brighten up a shelf!

This little gal was done around Halloween, hence the name, and was one of the few foals that I sold individually.

Foals rarely sold for as much as adults and the time and material costs were high enough that it wasn’t effective to sell them individually. But when I listed her at the adult price, she was snapped up the first time out on eBay.

This was one of the later horses I painted and probably one of the last standing foals I’ll get to customize. Since Breyer has phased out all of the G1 molds, these little guys are going to be few and far between. *sighs*

But she turned out great, so at least I have no regrets! *grin*

The white really popped on this model, I think because of the gloss. Also, using the pastels to blend the black points really helped keep the orange bright.

One of the real headaches with blending yellow and orange with black is that it tends to turn unappetizing colors. Thanks to the pastels there was no actual blending of the black and orange, just a gradual layering to tie the two colors together.

Make: Breyer Stablemate Standing Foal (G1)
Color: Orange-bay Frame Overo
Medium: Acrylics and Pastels
Status: Painted 2005 and Sold Feb 2005

Punkin Punkin Punkin

Martha Bechtel

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