Pacific Angel (Custom Breyer Stablemate Standardbred)

Pacific Angel

Angel is a nice dark blue-bay with just a touch of chrome. Solid-colored fantasy horses might not make quite as bold a visual statement as the flashier cousins, but they still pack a nice punch on the shelf.

This model actually turned out just about perfect to how I had the color in my head. There are more shadings in the blue than show up well on camera; while the mane and tail are solid black, the points are actually a dark phthalocyanine blue.

When I work on the newer horses I’ll have to keep a better record of which colors I’m using. I know I had at least three blues in here, but I can only find the phthal’ in my paint drawer after the purge (darnit).

Painted 200? and Sold 200?

Medium: Acrylics, Liquitex Phthalocyanine Blue

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Martha Bechtel

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