Blood Price

Blood Price

This little guy is one of the minor resculpts that I did, just a smidge of epoxy to change the profile of the face. It’s not enough to make him look off when he’s by himself but it gives him a nice pop when he’s lined with with other warmbloods.

Price was one of my later horses, as you can tell by the in-focus pictures and the nifty backgrounds. The shading doesn’t show up too well in the photos, but he certainly wasn’t the monotone bay that he appears.

There are some bits I’d touch-up if I still had him, but that’s only because the camera can see things I can’t. This time around I’m going to take photos, fix the little bits, and take more photos, ad nauseum… then seal them up!

Make: Breyer Stablemate Warmblood (G2)
Color: Bay Sabino
Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

Blood Price Blood Price Blood Price Blood Price

Martha Bechtel

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