Saturday Story Prompts [2011.01.08]

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1. “There are some fights in life that can’t be won, kid; he didn’t bring a gun to a knife fight, he brought a 50 cal. Just let it go.”

2. The sun rose over the eastern mountain range, a pale glimmer behind the curtain of clouds. Rain was a horrible omen for royal births, but the dragons were tired of waiting.

3. “It was only a dollar a stem last week!” She snapped, waving the bunch of limp herbs at the shopkeep. “What the hell?”

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, what’d you expect?” He nodded at the throng of would-be potion makers who had flooded the market in search of ingredients to catch the perfect spouse… and to make antidotes, just in case.

4. He wants to rule the world, abet through corporate monopolies and company towns rather than dictatorships, but it amounts to the same thing.

5. It’s easier to collect them than she had anticipated; they watch their children closely, but their teenagers… not so much.


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Rain was a horrible omen for royal births, but the dragons were tired of waiting. Saturday Story Prompt. January 8, 2011
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