Saturday Story Prompts [2011.01.15]

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1. At first Glenn thought they’d reached the river, but as they drew closer the glints and ripples turned into a seething mass of snakes.

2. Immortal minds can’t fit into mortal shells. Even though they cut themselves down, paring away their memories to fit the glass slipper of humanity, the cracks are already there.

3. The moon is never full the nights my Mother’s demon haunts me.

4. She’d never thought of it as hoarding. After all, wasn’t she taking good care of them? Protecting them from suffering? So maybe she might have kept one or two more princesses around than necessity demanded… but she was a dragon, it was tradition!

5. In the real world there is no ‘Fool Me Twice.’


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The moon is never full the nights my Mother’s demon haunts me. Saturday Story Prompt. January 15, 2011
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