Saturday Story Prompts [2011.01.29]

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1. Any other day she wouldn’t have had to die.

2. It leaches into the walls and corridors of the ship, creeping into every crack and crevice until the whole crew is itching to escape the emptiness.

3. Crossing a fairy is never wise, but they had no choice– keeping that promise would destroy what was left of her heart.

4. “Why yes, other than the obvious, things are going smashingly.” He wiped blood out of his eyes. “The very epitome of success.”

“Well there’s no need to be nasty about it.” She handed him a towel.

5. Everything comes down to this choice, she knows that, but it’s not just yes or no and she’s not sure which of the thousand shades between will save them.


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Any other day she wouldn’t have had to die. Saturday Story Prompt. January 29, 2011
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