Piano Morendo

Piano Morendo

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Andalusian (G2)
Color: Liver Chestnut
Gallery: Chestnut
Medium: Acrylics and Pastels
Status: Painted 2004 and Sold November 2004

Named in the musical theme of my Andalusian customs, Piano means ‘softly’ and Morendo means ‘gradually dying away.’ Which seemed to fit the soft and slow beats of the Piaffe that the mold is performing.

Morendo was one of the first horses that I was experimenting using a combination of acrylics and pastels on. As you can see the blending between the two mediums wasn’t quite on key yet. The shading from the pastels didn’t get as far down into the mold details as it should and he looks like he was shaded backwards in places.

Interestingly, the plain hooves seem to work well with the resulting paintjob, and while he may not be as realistic as I might have liked he still turned out well. Now if I could only go back and fix the crazy eyes whites. *sighs*

Piano Morendo
Piano Morendo
Piano Morendo

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