NaNoWriMo 2010 : A Recap

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Although you couldn’t tell from the dramatic drop-off in posts during November (and the completely lack of posts in December), I did manage to win NaNoWriMo this year.

Of course I didn’t cross the 50,000 finish line until Nov 30th at about 9pm, which is about as close as I’d like to cut it. Ever.

The month started out wonderfully, with early morning write-ins at Panera’s that netted me almost 3k a morning. I had a whole world in my head that just poured out onto the paper without an effort. True, it was more showing than telling, but it was story (and wordcount) and that was what mattered!

Then I got sick, sidetracked, but unlike in year’s past I managed to buckle down and still meet the deadline. At some point I’ll go back and fill in the missing days from my notes (at least the ones in which I got writing done), but for now I’m looking forward.

So here I am, November is well and truly over and I have 50k sitting in an Open Office document that hasn’t been opened since I won.

Which means it’s time to break out the red pens and start beating The Sundering into something that I might let someone else read.

*puts on her Editing Hat* Avast!

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