Lassie Come Lately (Custom Breyer Stablemate Quarter Horse)

Lassie Come Lately
Lassie Come Lately

Lassie is one of my older customs (possibly 199? instead of 200?) and the second in my series of dog coat patterns (the first was Dog Daze a Doberman pattern on the old Swaps mold). She was paired up with a foal with similar coloring called Payson’s Lad when she went to eBay.

Lassie has a very flat coloring to her coat, something I’d change if I ever paint this pattern again.

Although I was using reference photos, the black, white, and tan are just too harsh– making her look very two dimensional in the photographs. I’m aiming for a horse that looks like the colors were part of the sculpture, not something added after the fact.

To be fair, my setup for taking the pictures and my camera both needed some upgrading at that point so it may be that the paintjob looked better in real life than it does on screen. *pokes horse*

Make: Breyer
Scale: Stablemate
Mold: Quarter Horse (G2)
Color: Tricolor Collie
Gallery: Darwin
Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

Martha Bechtel

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