Faux-Leaf Clover

Faux-Leaf Clover - Left

Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

The Mini Whinnies seem determined to roll around in the metallic paints (as if the run of Hampton Roads Classic donations didn’t already give that away) and this little guy was no exception.

The seams are a little rougher than I would have liked, but do remember that he is a little less than an inch tall in real life and my eyeballs aren’t as keen as they used to be. (Hence my current giant magnifying glass.) Still, I think he turned out rather well…

I have no idea what I was thinking with this little guy or where he went to. I don’t remember selling him, but he wasn’t in the body box so I’m assuming I mailed him off as a random ‘bonus prize’ in one of the last custom order boxes.

Faux-Leaf Clover - Right

Martha Bechtel

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