Saturday Story Prompts [2010.11.06]

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1. It’s stormy without being dark, one of those spastic showers with bright beams of sunshine dancing between the raindrops.

2. They really aren’t shy about the fact they think the easiest way to save the world is to kill everyone that falls under their definition of Evil.

3. When she’d said the right music could make you fly, he hadn’t thought she meant it literally.

4. If the house had meant anything to him, he didn’t show it. She looked up, out over the charred mess of the town, and tried not to think about how many of them had managed to make it out alive.

5. The dogs, being dogs, were much more interested in rolling in the wonderful stink coming off the dead critter than they were trying to figure out what had happened.


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If the house had meant anything to him, he didn't show it. Saturday Story Prompt. November 6, 2010
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