NaNoWriMo : Day 7

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Daily Wordcount Goal: 1,667
Daily Wordcount Actual: 5,561 (yikes!)

Monthly Wordcount Goal: 11,669
Monthly Wordcount Actual: 22,668

Ahead/Behind: Ahead 10,999

Today’s Theme: Oh My God, I Think I Have A Story

Thus Went The Day: The write-in at Tabb library was a rousing success. I only ended up staying for three hours since the goal was to reach 3k by 5pm or to leave when I hit 5k. … Well, I hit 5k. The little bits of story that I had started with are all weaving themselves together nicely abet some of them in completely unexpected ways. While I’m just shy of the NaNo goal, an actual novel draft would end up being a good bit longer than 50k and I’m going to give it a try. I’d like to have a really decent first draft by the end of November, although heaven help me come December since I’ve never edited anything this big in my life. (eep!)

But that means I need to keep adding squares to the quilt. Who knows how many of these will end up as ‘DVD extras’ but they help with the world-building and sometimes they help with the plot in ways I haven’t consciously figured out yet. It’s sort of interesting to stumble over the interconnections that seem obvious now but that weren’t at all in my viewfinder when I was writing things. One of the good things about reading so many books, I suppose, my ability to knit together fragments of stories into what they ‘should be.’

This is going to be one fun month!

New named characters: Walks Slowly, Watches The Sky, Waiting For Dawn, Climbs Trees, Leaf Eater, Sunshine, Chris, Speaks Once, Mason

New Locations: Murder Scene, Captain’s Office

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