NaNoWriMo : Day 6

Daily Wordcount Goal: 1,667
Daily Wordcount Actual: 3,275

Monthly Wordcount Goal: 10,002
Monthly Wordcount Actual: 17,107

Ahead/Behind: Ahead 7,105 … Sheesh! O_o;;

Today’s Theme: No, Really, I have a Plot! Somewhere…

Thus Went The Day: I hit up the CNU write-in without high hopes of a decent wordcount, but thanks to some great conversation I ended up getting down a lot more than I had planned on. I also got inspired to put all of the separate text files into one giant word/OpenOffice document and start moving things around. Thus I ended up with a nice vaguely coherent document that is much closer to an actual novel than anything I’ve had so far.

I have a binder that is keeping the novel separated by day, just to keep myself motivated to keep adding pages to the pile. The tabs are numbered 1-31, since it’s meant for monthly planning, so I’ve just been printing things out and stuffing them in the appropriate places. Now that I’ve got an actual novel (of a sort), I think I’ll stick the chapter heading under page 31. Maybe not the most motivating thing ever, but it will let me remember where I am in the process.

Now to go through and add in blank chapters so I know what I’m missing. *pokes at the story* Ah well, am calling the wordcount where it is now– am too lazy to update it again tonight!

New named characters: None

New Locations: None

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