NaNoWriMo : Day 5

Daily Wordcount Goal: 1,667
Daily Wordcount Actual: 2,432

Monthly Wordcount Goal: 8,335
Monthly Wordcount Actual: 13,832

Ahead/Behind: Ahead 5,497

Today’s Theme: Need. More. Stories.

Thus Went The Day: Once again the morning write-in went well, although I forgot it was Friday and ended up being a few minutes late to work (8:30 Mon-Thu, 8:00 Fri GAH). Still adding to the various people who wander in and out of the story. Lots of fiddling with the Submarine to see if it is going to be a set piece or an actual POV group. This could be interesting considering I know nothing about submarines… ah well, December is for research!

All in all, this is going much better than I expected. If I keep up this pace I’ll hit 50k long before November is over, and that gives me some time to make sure the story is all there before declaring a ‘win’. I really want to win this year, but to win with a story that’s worth editing later. As much as I did enjoy the idea of Woven, the story itself just didn’t hold together when I looked at it later (although I’m still planning on taking another stab at it later!). I’m planning on using the write-in at CNU tomorrow to hammer together a better idea of the timeline and plot. *crosses fingers*

New named characters: Mirriam, Ned, Doctor Micheal Ross

New Locations: The Farmhouse, The Submarine

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